Kelly is a screenwriter working and living on Gubbi Gubbi Country in Brisbane. Kelly’s area of research for the Masters exegesis was feminist dramedy. Prior to studying screenwriting, Kelly successfully produced a feature film that premiered at Toronto International Film Festival, three multiplatform narrative dramas that won prestigious international recognition including BAFTA awards, and many award winning short films and music videos. Kelly has lectured and tutored at film schools and universities in Brisbane.

Kelly’s writing focuses on putting stories about under-represented, particularly female, characters on screen. Her writing is imbued with humour and heart. As well as the study undertaken at AFTRS, Kelly’s work as a producer has provided her with valuable development skills. Kelly is well equipped to work as part of a writing room and also independently. Her diverse life experiences, which as well as being awarded international recognition, include single parenthood, mental health issues, homelessness and incarceration, give her a rich bank of material to draw from when imagining characters and storylines.


50AF - 8 x 30 minute dramedy series - EXCERPT

REPUTATION - feature film - EXCERPT


SOL - short film